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Message of Solidarity to S.E. Mons. Angelo Bagnasco
30 April 2007

Most Beloved Excellency,

In the violence threatened against your person, the unequivocal signs are read of that route of evil that had already sought its victory in the cry to Pilate, "Crucify him!"

It is a route that the Risen One has inexorably defeated.

This is the sure hope that we know sustains you even in these moments, just as bitterness is thrown upon you, motivated by your service to the truth concerning man.

Because the Lord strengthens you in this certainty and has allowed you to lack not even human consolation that gives serene knowledge to "fight the good fight," with the desire to participate with you, beloved Excellency, the Church of Bologna assures you of her prayers, support, and full assistance.

+ Carlo card. Caffarra
Archbishop of Bologna

La traduzione, non rivista dal Card. Caffarra, Ŕ di Ryan Hilderbrand.